Hollyburn Cabin
Tuesday October 18th 2005, 12:26 am

Hollyburn Cabin

The Setting
Hollyburn Ridge is a remarkable wilderness area within minutes of the city. In every season is provides an excellent location for an outdoor weekend for any age group. The winter months provide opportunities for snowshoeing and tobogganing, as well as cross-country and down hill skiing in nearby Cypress Provincial Park. When the snow is gone, excellent hiking trails lead to numerous lakes and the peaks of three mountains. Wild flowers, berries, birds and small animals are around in rich variety.

The Cabin
View the photos of it here.
The cabin is a three-story structure that will easily accommodate 30 people and still provide sufficient areas for activities.
The main features are:

  • Kitchen - there is a commercial propane stove with four burners, a 24″ griddle and two ovens. Pots, pans and cooking utensils are provided, but campers must bring their own eating utensils. The kitchen has cold running water.
  • Eating - there are tables and benches to seat 30.
  • Sleeping - the loft upstairs is covered with vinyl tile flooring and provides lots of floor space for 30. Each camper must bring his own sleeping pad.
  • Leader’s Room - a separate room is located on the main level for the use of leaders. Leaders must also bring their own sleeping pads.
  • Heating - is from an air-tight wood stove on the main level. Send an advance party to light the stove and warm the building before the main group goes in.
  • Lighting - is provided by propane fueled mantle type lamps.
  • Lavatories - consist of a two compartment pit toilet located south of the building.

    Getting There
    Take the the Cypress Bowl Skiing exit from the Upper Levels Highway (Highway 1) in West Vancouver. Continue up the Cypress Park road and follow the signs to the Hollyburn cross-country ski area. Proceed to the far east end of the cross-country skiing parking lot where you will see a sign saying “Hiking trail to Hollyburn Lodge”. The hike to the cabin from the meeting spot is just over 1 kilometre and takes 30 to 45 minutes.
    View a map covering the parking lot to cabin area.
    Please Note: From May 1st to October 31st, the parks branch has instituted a parking fee of $5.00 per day in the Cross Country lots. Tickets can be purchased from the vending machine at the entrance to the parking lot. Credit cards and cash can be used. Purchase a ticket for the number of days you will be staying. No parking fee is collected during the ski season. This is for your information only, please follow all posted instructions at the parking lot.

    Cabin History
    Construction of the cabin began in the summer of 1982 after eight years of planning and fundraising. All materials for the cabin were either airlifted by helicopter or carried in by hand. The official opening was held in September 1984. A pictorial history of the cabin is displayed in the foyer.

    Standard of Care
    The construction of the cabin required the investment of numerous volunteer hours. The maintenance is also almost entirely performed by volunteers. All users groups are expected to treat the cabin as they would treat their own property and to preserve the cabin for the future. A refundable security deposit is collected with your rental fee and will be returned if the cabin is left in satisfactory condition.

    The cabin is built on land owned by the District of West Vancouver and leased to Scouts Properties (BC/Yukon) Ltd. The cabin is managed and maintained on behalf of the lessee by the Third West Vancouver Scout Group.

    Please read the following information for full details:

    Booking Policy
    Up until September 30th, West Vancouver Scouting Sections only, may reserve weekends for the Scouting season, October to June. All other bookings will be accepted on a first come first served basis from 8 AM October 1st. The preferred method of booking is by email at or, if email is not available, call Bob Coutts at 604-921-8948 and leave a message. Please include a first and second weekend choice.

    The cabin coordinator will tell a prospective renter, which dates are available, but will only hold a tentative date for 2 weeks. No final booking can be made until full payment is received.

    Should a renter cancel, the cabin administration will endeavour to find a replacement booking. If successful, the renter will be refunded 100% of his payment. If unsuccessful, the renter will be refunded only the damage deposit portion. This policy is to ensure that there is neither loss nor profit made from a cancellation.

    A weekend booking includes use of the cabin from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Whether one or two nights are requested, the full weekend rate is required.

    We have incurred many increased costs, including a large increase in insurance and have been forced to adjust our rates. In an effort to increase the cabin usage, we have instituted a lower cost shoulder season.

    Shoulder Season Rates
    October 1st to the first weekend in January - inclusive, and the third weekend in April to June 30th.
      Rent Damage Deposit TOTAL
    West Van Scouting Groups $200 $50 $250
    All Other Groups $225 $50 $275
    Prime Season Rates
    Second weekend of January to the second weekend of April - inclusive.
      Rent Damage Deposit TOTAL
    West Van Scouting Groups $275 $50 $325
    All Other Groups $300 $50 $350
    The $50 damage deposit is required at time of booking, and is refunded after the cabin custodian has inspected the cabin and found it in satisfactory condition.

    Availability Calendar
    We have an online availability calendar that shows the prime and shoulder season weekends and tentative and confirmed bookings. Please to see available weekends.