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Scout Christmas Trees 2014







   Planetarium at BCIT


Cubs from the North Shore visit BCIT’s Planetarium – B.C. Institute of   Technology has been home to a 77-seat planetarium since 1964. The planetarium   is once again available as a resource to astronomy enthusiasts. In recent   years the facility has been used by geomatics students going through their   various programs. BCIT has general interest astronomy courses to open the   planetarium to community groups.

   Poppy Tagging

Cubs and Beavers along with a parent are asked to complete 1-hour of Poppy Tagging in conjunction with the Legion on the Saturday before Remembrance Day. On the day of the Poppy Tagging you must pick up a Poppy Box at the Legion, 1630 Lynn Valley Rd. BEFORE arriving to hand-out poppies and receive donations. The funds are collected by the Legion and used for a variety of events in the community that benefit veterans.

Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser

Scout Popcorn Kick-off is our number one fundraiser!  For more information visit the PCC Popcorn Webpage!

Official Scouts Canada Spring Fundraiser

Ready? Set. Dig!  Scoutrees is first and foremost an environmental program, but has always helped raise funds for Scouting. Through sponsors and donors Scoutrees income helps fund local Scouting activities, but also provides much need income for the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund. Revenue from Scoutrees is shared: 70% goes to the local groups, 15% to the council and 15% to the Brotherhood Fund